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~ Resorter Boats by Century ~

Dedicated to the preservation and restoration of classic and special interest boats; both wood and fiberglass.


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The fiberglass Resorter is the most desirable model made by Century. Molded after the popular wood Resorter, these boats were the same from their conception. Outside of the early flat bottom models, all sported the same deep V, great power, snuggly boy/girl front seat, high speed with a nice smooth ride, and a beautiful moan going down the lake. They were also a great boat to tow behind you car. Around 2500 pounds, most midsize and up cars would pull them. We always have these in stock and we will restore one for you. The dark blue, red, green and burgundy with white interiors, are the favorites. We certify the floor boards and stringers to be solid and we can paint them so you can have it your way.  
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